Colorful and quirky handmade ceramics

My name is Cecilia Hartwich, the artist behind Nomori and since I first had my hands in clay I have always loved the creative power of making a small amount of clay into an usable item. The transformation is almost magical and I am totally in love with the process. I started learning ceramics in Japan in 2010 where I did one year of exchange studies. After that I continued studying ceramics in Japan at Ishoken (Tajimi City Pottery Design and Technical Center) where I graduated in 2015. Since then I have had my own little studio in Sweden under the name Nomori. Nomori is a play on Japanese kanji pronounciations to mean wild forest. The kanji for forest (森) is my favorite kanji and I always want to stay a bit wild (野), both as a person and with my art.

I make all items myself in my studio, located in the southern part of Sweden. I am drawn to bright colours, different patterns and textures. I love nature and odd, cute things that makes me smile. I also like to imagine small worlds around the pieces I create, and in this little world all pieces belong together.

I work almost exclusively with white stoneware, fired to between 1250-1260 Celsius. This makes every item super durable and the white clay also means I can use all those vivid and bright colors I adore.